Stephen King on Writing, Book Review #3 (:


Okay awesome, probably the single greatest intro I have or ever will write. I feel dumb even writing this after writing that beauty. But we must push forward. And this week I am reviewing Stephen King On Writing. The book is 291 pages and if I really have to say who wrote that would suck. But why not, couldn’t hurt. It was written by Stephen king. P.S. 5 points if you realized that this is the same picture from my last post talking about this book. You earned them be proud.


I took this on my Samsung 


Whether you like Stephen king, whether you think he’s overrated, one thing is for certain, the dude can write. Maybe you don’t like his work or think there are better writing out there. And I won’t argue with you on that one. For a couple of reasons (mostly because I really couldn’t care to find a reason to and I’m noticing this bit is going on way too long already) but whatever those reasons might be, it should not be denied that he is a good writer. He is one of if not the greatest living American author and he wrote a book to help other writers. It’s somewhat of a waste to not read this book if you want to be an author, truth be told.

It’s somewhat of a waste to not read this book if you want to be an author, truth be told. Don’t get me wrong now I usually loathe books like this. A lot of times I feel that this is used by a lot of writers just to make a quick buck. However, this one was genuine, it was real. He mixed it in with autobiography and brought it all together to make it feel like a real person was talking to you. Not some big shot writer who’s better than you, not somebody telling you what to do, but a real person. Here is by far my favorite quote from the book

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

Maybe I’m buying into the cheap line and the glitz and glamor of it all, maybe I’m just naive. But what I did sense from this book, more than any other of it’s kind, was the fact that this was real. It almost felt like I had a writing coach, someone who was actually trying to make me better and it was refreshing, useful, and unlike anything I have ever read before, and I’m grateful.

Anyway, thank for reading hope you had fun and I sincerely hope you pick up this book to improve your writing. I know it helped me a lot and I think it will do the same for you. Have a great and swell day homies (:

P.S. All of the pictures were taken from Imgur and Giphy and Tumblr. (Expect many more Kermit the frog gifs in every one of my post from now on)

That’s all folks (:


2 thoughts on “Stephen King on Writing, Book Review #3 (:

  1. I love Stephen King and I personally enjoy his writing style as you said in you review he writes to as if he was talking directly to which I enjoy.The quote that you chose was also very good because it is so true, But on a different note great review.


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